What Makes Snapchat Different To Pin, IG, FB, G+ and TW

Since there are numerous social media platforms today, there must be a reason why Snapchat is among the most preferred social media platforms today. With the ability to communicate with your friends in real time and the opportunity to attract new snapchat followers makes the application attractive to many users. So, how different is this platform from the other social media platforms?

  1. Snapchat application does not feature a ‘stream’ of content. As opposed to other platforms, this application does not display videos and photos automatically and publicly. Instead, all the snaps are viewed individually.
  2. The audience on Snapchat, including Snapchat followers, is well engaged. With this app, users on the Snapchat platform are certain that their recipients will view their snaps.
  3. There are no shares, comments or likes on Snapchat. After you have viewed a snap, it is deleted from the Snapchat servers. As such, you cannot share the snap publicly for everyone to see.
  4. Snapchat does not offer any ‘discover’ or ‘search’ options. As such, you only need to type the name of a celebrity on this platform to find them.

All in all, Snapchat is easier and more convenient to use, as compared to other social media platforms.


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