Where do people get free followers on twitter?

News 02:06 June 2020:

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Unless you are new in twitter, you have probably seen someone with more than a million followers. When such people tweet something, they get thousands of likes and retweets. Unfortunately, not all of us can get a million followers and especially if you are not famous in any way. Stick with me as I show you how people get thousands of free followers and free likes without having to pay anything.
First, if you want to have more people follow you, you have to follow others. Every time you login on twitter, you are likely to find some accounts twitter recommends that you follow. Most of those accounts belong to public figures or people whom you share contacts. As for celebrities, very few are likely to follow you back. But if you love them and you keep retweeting their tweets, you are likely to get some of their fans follow you for the simple fact that you follow someone they also love. Your friends whom you follow are definitely most likely to follow you back but you can increase your following by contributing to trending topics, adding common hash tags to your tweets and inviting other people on your blogs or other social media platforms to your to follow you on twitter.